About Us

NTPC Tech Solutions was founded in 2018 by the dynamic husband and wife team of Jason and Ashley Radcliff. Jason, a seasoned developer and network guru, brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the company, while Ashley brings a deep understanding of the Pulse operating system and the unique needs of the Domino's franchise system with her experience as a former Director of Operations.

Together, Jason and Ashley are a power house that will stop at nothing to help you and your team. Their passion has been deeply seeded in each member of their support team and the entire Team at NTPC will stop at nothing to solve your problem. 

NTPC's focus is on providing technology and security solutions that specifically cater to Domino's franchises by supporting the technical needs in their stores, helping them eliminate contracts, and consolidate vendors. NTPC has a proven track record of helping franchises of all sizes navigate the ever-changing landscape of Domino's technology and stay ahead of the curve. And, NTPC's services are always contract free because they want to earn your business every single day. 

So, if you're ready to break free from the endless contracts other providers lock you into or if you just need a technology partner that brings both technical expertise and a deep understanding of the way your business operates, click "Meet with NTPC" and fill out the contact form. Jason or Ashley will be in touch with you soon!