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Introducing a better way to support your team & the tech in your stores.

We're NTPC and we are not your average IT company. NTPC was created by former Domino's franchise leaders who knew there needed to be a better way to keep stores online and take care of hardware-related problems that remote corporate vendors weren't equipped to handle... without sacrificing an entire day's worth of productivity.

Our solutions have helped franchise leaders and supervisors get their time back, cut costs, and streamline operations by leveraging our Help Desk, which acts as their in-house support, and our Onsite solutions to resolve day-to-day problems that go beyond Pulse. Here's how we can help!

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Jerald Posten - VP, Mark of Excellence Pizza Co.

"NTPC is a highly valued partner of ours! They're quick to resolve any issue we have and are always looking for ways to help improve our business through technology."




Our Help Desk isn't like corporate tech support. We consolidate support, have solutions for any problem your team could ever experience, and keep your stores online. Just choose the level of support you need and your team can start contacting us in as little as five days. From your Admin Team and Directors to your Supervisors and Store Team - everyone will feel the difference.


Question: Have you ever replaced a dispatch touch screen and the carside sound stopped working? Did you call GlobalCare and spend an hour troubleshooting? Did you get a resolution or were you stuck with a $600 screen and no sound? You are not alone.

We know what works in your stores. 

- Jason Radcliff, CEO

Hardware is expensive. Everyone wants to save a few bucks - but it doesn't work out in the long run. It's true - you can find cheaper products online, but you'll end up replacing them two or three times over which ultimately costs more than money. It costs time, focus, and energy.


When ordering is left to supervisors or others that aren't knowledgeable, you likely have excessive waste that you can't see on the P&L and incompatible equipment that's tucked away in storage because it was never returned. NTPC exists to help Domino's franchises and providing you with reliable, tried and true hardware is just one of the many ways we can help. We can install it for you, ship to your office or ship to the store - the choice is yours.


Our pricing is competitive and all hardware comes with a free 1-year warranty. The only hardware we cannot provide is Domino's store-specific devices which must be purchased from E&S like Bump Bars, Flex Clients, Hosts, Credit Card Readers & Stands, Merakis, Access Points, and POS Pole Mounts.  


When it comes to Safety & Security, we know the solutions you choose must provide a safe environment for your team, secure your assets, and be cost-effective. NTPC has the solutions you want! We specialize in cost-effective security solutions that allow you to manage all devices, for all stores, on one app.


Our security solutions include Surveillance Systems, Burglar Alarms, and Access Control such as maglocks, entry keypads, and crash bars which allow you to have one vendor to support all of your IT & Security needs, which believe it or not, can tremendously help the store's order processing and bandwidth.



In a digital era where more than 85% of your revenue comes from digital payments and online ordering, you cannot afford to lose a sale due to an internet outage. NTPC has the tools and resources to identify your problem, match you with a better provider, facilitate the cutover, and provide backup internet options so that you're always online.


Support: 9am to 12am Mon-Sun

Sales: 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri

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Support: 9am to 12am Mon-Sun

Sales: 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri

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