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The world is changing faster than ever. So is the technology that keeps your home safe, secure, and running smoothly. Our all-in-one solution gives you the freedom to protect what's most important - including your time. 

Plans start at just $15.95/month!



NTPC Security provides 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Owned & Operated in the U.S.

NTPC Security's upgraded alarm system offer
Upgrade Existing Systems

Experience enhanced features

NTPC Security provides professional installation
New Installation

Installed with care, every time



Mobile Control

Secure Connectivity

Dual Path


Securely control every aspect of your system from anywhere in the world on any device - phone, tablet, or desktop.

Each panel comes with an internal SIM card on the Verizon or AT&T network for a secure network connection.

The panel uses the built-in LTE and your home Wi-Fi. If one service goes down, the other is always available for redundancy.

The panel + sensors communicate in an encrypted language to ensure effective, private, and fool-proof communication.

Facial Recognition

Built-in camera recognizes faces and can disarm the system and activate

personalized home control features.

Data Privacy

Your biometric data is safe with on-the-edge analytics and anti-spoofing technology ensuring the safest experience each time.


Location services allow for the panel to auto arm/disarm, or have scenes activated based on your location.

Bluetooth Disarm

With Bluetooth capability, easily disarm the system without touching the panel.

Smart Home Control

Live Video

Photo Snapshot

Built-In Glass Break

Customize your living space with advanced automation rules, scenes and notifications to best fit your unique needs.

View up to 8 different camera feeds directly on the panel, 4 cameras at a time, making your smart home panel the ultimate command center.

The built-in camera takes arm/disarm photos adding additional security and peace of mind knowing user codes are used by authorized users.

Having a built-in glass sensor allows you to save on hardware costs by using the panel as a glass break sensor. You can always add more!

Choose a Security Partner that puts you first.


Managing smart home devices from multiple apps, with multiple logins is exhausting - but it doesn't have to be. Once you have our Smart Panel, adding Smart Home devices is a breeze.

You can start with it all or add over time!













  • How Our Smart Security System Serves You
    Security systems are not just a “nice-to-have,” they are a necessity - even if you don't want 24/7 Emergency Monitoring. It's a peace of mind you likely haven't experienced yet. Our smart security systems utilize the latest technology for reliable protection, valuable insights, and smarter automation. Here are a few examples of why home and business owners rely on NTPC for their peace of mind: Video Monitoring – Know who’s on your property at any time remotely. Get alerts about the moments that matter to you in real time. Remote Control – Manage your security from anywhere with our innovative all-in-one app. Take action from anywhere in the world with a single tap of a button. Smart Cameras – Keep an eye on the indoors and outdoors in HD with video cameras that enable you to see everything, talk to guests, and proactively deter unwanted visitors. Wellness Solutions – Worried about a family member? Implement an all-in-one smart home system that enables you to stay aware of unexpected activity and let your family regain their independence while staying safe, always. Intrusion Detection – Always on and always aware, our smart system lets you automatically arm your system, control user access, and alerts you to unexpected activity. Our easy-to-use security systems offer you the flexibility to automate your home (or business) your way. You can connect your whole property—including cars and family members in other households. Do you own or manage a business? Our cloud-based technology and remote approach allow for streamlined, multi-location management. Control every aspect of your security with the smart security system that always has your back! And if you have our systems in your home and business, you will be able to control all properties from one app... with one login, on any device, anywhere in the world!
  • Why NTPC Offers Home Security
    NTPC exclusively provided B2B (business to business) support until summer of 2023 after being contacted by a two home owners. They told us about their experience with a large national brand and we knew we had to help... so we now offer Home Security! NTPC's Commitment to YOU We will always put you first and will never use unethical or morally questionable bait and switch tactics. If we give you a price, 99% of the time, that's the price. We won't sell your account to the highest bidder. We won't lock you into a contract. We won't increase your rates - unless you add additional services. We are here to build a local business for the future of our families and enrich our community by providing honest, transparent solutions because we care - not because we're trying to get rich. We encourage you to shop around before making a decision and when you're ready to invest in the safety of your home and family and your peace of mind, contact us and we'll provide a free estimate. #noBS PS: If we have helped you, it would mean the world to us if you left us a review on Google! Even if you personally told us how much you appreciate our help, we need for the world to hear it from YOU!
  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring
    Emergency Monitoring is an option that gives you the peace of mind to live your life with the assurance that your security is always doing its job in the background. Emergency Monitoring can be added to any of our Smart Systems which respond immediately to suspicious activity and alerts you to potential incidents. What are the benefits of 24/7 Emergency Monitoring? Continuous Protection: NTPC's 24/7 Emergency Monitoring ensures that your home or business is always protected, regardless of the hour or day. Fast Response: In the event of an alarm, our award-winning monitoring station receives an instant alert and can respond immediately while notifying authorities, reducing potential damage, theft, or even helping to save lives. Professional Assistance: Our Central Station monitoring center is staffed by licensed and trained professionals who know how to handle emergencies and can guide you through the process if an alarm is triggered. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection: Besides burglary, NTPC's 24/7 emergency monitoring can detect fires or carbon monoxide leaks, alerting the relevant authorities for swift action. Medical Emergencies: In the event of a medical emergency, trained professionals can quickly dispatch relevant help. Insurance Benefits: Your insurance company may offer a discount on premiums if the property is secured with a 24/7 monitored alarm system, potentially saving money in the long run. Choosing an all-in-one solution from NTPC with 24/7 Emergency Monitoring gives you total protection with home or business monitoring, remote security control, and wellness solutions. Our security systems go the extra mile to provide you with the freedom to protect what matters most.
  • Investing in Smart Security: Top Considerations
    Smart Security Systems and the right smart technology are a great combination for minimizing risk and maximizing peace of mind. The best smart security systems see exactly what you need, when you need it. With NTPC Security, we’ve thought of everything. Residential Security Systems Check in on your home while on vacation or working long days. Enjoy peace of mind with intrusion detection, video doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras with two-way voice, and HD night-vision cameras supported by video analytics technology. These are the features you need at a minimum. Older security monitoring systems tend to be outdated and difficult to manage. Invest in smart automation and a home security system that connects directly to your smartphone and make last-minute adjustments to your system set-up from anywhere in the world. When it comes to security, time is of the essence. Monitored security systems are essential for quick response times. During an alarm event, professionals will confirm the threat and immediately alert the authorities. Trust NTPC to keep you connected with a fully monitored and integrated smart home system that protects your home and family for the long-haul. Restaurant and Business Security Systems Restaurants and SMBs face different security threats compared to residential buildings, like petty theft or shoplifting. For this reason, you need a different approach. An automatic arming system eliminates human error and is a must-have feature for any business serious about its security. Prevent inside jobs with careful access control, so you know who can access your business outside of business hours. Finally, ensure you opt for a solution tailored to your industry. The needs of the food and beverage industry are different from those of a salon or construction business. Always choose the security alarm company that can meet the common needs of your industry and deliver on their promise. Protect your business today with NTPC's top-of-the-line business security systems.
  • Energy Management and Temperature Monitoring Systems
    With NTPC, security is just the start. We also offer energy management and temperature control solutions for extra comfort, convenience, and savings. Our range of smart thermostats are perfect for home owners looking to reduce their energy bills. If you manage, own, or operate a restaurant with temperature-sensitive inventory, or simply want to save money on your energy bills, NTPC has you covered. You can easily set a lock out on your thermostats to control who has access to adjust the temperature! Our energy and temperature monitoring systems are not separate products, but extensions of your new protection system!
  • The NTPC Difference
    Engineered to be more reliable than other systems. Unlike other systems that share a phone, cable line, or solely depend on Wifi, NTPC systems are dual path meaning they connect to your Wifi but they also have a built-in secure LTE connection to provide reliable and uninterrupted service for your critical security signals to be received. This also means that there is no physical phone or cable line exposed on the outside of your house that could be cut and compromise your system. Your system will communicate even if the power is out, or if your internet is down. If your panel is tampered with or destroyed, your panel still sends a signal to the authorities, thanks to Crash & Smash Protection.  Proactive safeguards do more to help you stay safe. If there’s an emergency, you'll be one step ahead. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, your system can automatically shut down the heat or AC to stop the circulation of dangerous fumes, and send a signal to emergency personnel with 24/7 Emergency Monitoring. You can easily set rules so that your home automatically responds in an emergency to help keep you safe by connecting to your home’s key devices—like carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, cameras, and your heating and AC system—wirelessly to the security panel. Alerts and notifications work for you 24/7 – even when your system is disarmed. Our always-on technology keeps you notified of any activity you care about, whether your system is armed or not. This means you can get text, push, or email notifications when a door or window is opened or, if a medicine cabinet is opened. With flexible and easy to set custom rules and alerts, you can get reminders if the garage door hasn’t been closed by 10pm, or if you leave home without arming the system. Create reminders based on time of day, or when the system detects that you’ve left home. With granular notifications, you choose what deserves your attention and how you want to be informed keeping you in control, 24/7. Even if you keep your phone on Focus or Do Not Disturb, your critical alerts via push notifications will still go through alerting you to the disturbance. Customizable solutions grow with you over time. NTPC offers an entire ecosystem of solutions to make your home even better. With video monitoring, energy management, and home automation, you can upgrade your home to a smart home – at any time. As you add to your system, your smart system seamlessly connects all of your devices so that they work together, and work smarter.  If you’re looking for the best customizable option to protect your home and family, pick an award-winning home security solution. You can build a totally connected home or business today or do it over time. With NTPC, you won’t get left behind, as your security system will grow with your evolving home or business safety needs. Contact us today for a #noBS estimate!
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